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A One-Stop production facility for Songwriters 

Fynk Studio will make your songs sound dazzlingly brilliant, stunningly vibrant and irresistibly catchy. Once you've completed your masterpiece, add the finishing touch with our CD design and replication facility.

The studio is especially suited to aspiring songwriters as it is run first and foremost by a creative musician with 30 years professional experience - who also has the technical skills to ensure your songs benefit from the utmost in sonic quality. All levels of experience are catered for. Whether total beginner or seasoned pro - you'll find Fynk Studio a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and allow your creative spirit to flourish.

Vinyl to CD transfers 

If you have old vinyl records that you wish to convert into CDs, then Fynk Studio is your one-stop solution in Merseyside. LPs in reasonably good condition can be converted to CD or mp3 including track indexing and CD printing for £20 per LP. Conversion includes physical cleaning using our unique wet vacuuming system - and digital filtering - as standard. Fynk can also eliminate more stubborn crackles from your old tracks and convert them into crystal clear sound at great prices. Contact us for details. 
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Rely on Fynk Studio for: 

  • Converting your music ideas into a great product 
  • Creative accompaniments to your original songs
  • Custom made backing tracks
  • All types of sound editing
  • Soundtracks for shows / presentations
  • Troubleshooting your exisiting song demos
  • Development of tracks you've recorded elsewhere
  • LP to CD / Mp3  transfers 
  • CD visuals and designs 
  • CD duplication

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"As a devoted client, I can only stress the quality of service that Fynk Studio has to offer. I have recorded quite a number of tracks in the last few years and have had success with 3 which led to a recording and publishing deal. They had been fantastically arranged by none other than the man himself, Paul Robotham. As well as having musical talents, Paul also is a music tech expert with all the science behind every area of producing from playing instruments to sound engineering. 

The thing I like most about this particular studio is its down-to-earth friendly atmosphere and the laid-back attitude.

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone regardless of experience as Fynk Studio is capable of tackling any problems that may arise. The service goes much further than just recording and mixing. This is why Fynk Studio is different from the rest.

-Louise Jean 
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Fynk Studio is unfortunately not able to offer employment / work experience / training.

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